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You can get an SMS account set up for FREE. This will provide you with full access to all the features and functionality needed to do everything from a simple send to a more complicated keyword campaign.

Simply fill in the form and your account will be set up within 12 hours.

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EASY SMS Marketing

SMS marketing and SMS advertising have become mainstream promotions methods in Australia and overseas. PlusOne SMS Portal gives every business the opportunity to market using SMS. We offer prices previously only available to large businesses sending thousands of messages.

Now you to can enjoy low SMS prices even though your lists might be only dozens or hundreds of contacts!

free sms accountThere is MASSIVE potential for your business to use SMS text advertising as a flexible marketing tool to send promotions, special and offers directly to your customers.


  • SMS is so effective because:
  • Like the Web it is interactive
  • Like Television it has potential for enormous reach
  • Like Direct Mail it is targeted
  • Ideal for promotions
  • Ideal for target and time specific advertising
  • See our ideas

For help, please read the the help file once logged in.

Why you should choose PlusOne SMS Portal for your SMS needs:

  • NO sign-up cost and NO monthly fee
  • Low per message costs - even for small sends
  • Bulk send discounts - contact us for rates
  • Easy to use interface - login - upload your list and send!
  • Pay as you go, from as little as $5
  • Create polls, keyword campaigns, competitions

We provide the following at NO extra cost:

  • Bounce management and data cleaning
  • Schedule messages
  • Mail merge for personal greeting etc
  • Easy opt-out mechanism
  • Receive replies to database for downloading or receive to your phone
  • Detailed delivery reporting
  • Create as many focussed lists as needed - unlimited!
  • Free 'cut & paste' code allows sign-ups from a website
  • Self manage your SMS marketing with ease!
  • Send to Aust. or 20 other countries

SMS for businesses big and small.

We have customers that are run as single person businesses and send to just a few people at a time, making use of their own templates, to national brand-name clients who send reminders, offers and sale notifications to thousands of people at a time.

Our system is user friendly, so no matter what size your business or how many people you want to send to we can be of service to you.

No matter if your market is 100 or 100 thousand, we can put your message into your customer's hands at highly competitive rates. To discuss your SMS marketing needs, please contact Matt Eliason on 0409 349 752.

We have worked with many businesses including:

  • Kova Furniture
  • Wearhouse for Fashion
  • Partners KWP
  • Eagle Boys
  • Telstra Shops
  • Divine
  • Pittwater RSL
  • Century 21
  • Bank of Queensland
  • PJ O'Brien's Hotels
  • Clemenger Proximity
  • Oz Pub Group
  • Ipswich Jets
  • Brothers Leagues
  • CPA Australia
  • Ergon Energy

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